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Sandra Sphar

Colonic Santa Barbara CA is the the local area’s trusted solution for all your colon health needs.

About Sandra

Sandra Sphar began her work in gynecology-obstetrics and fertility clinics during the 1980’s in San Diego, also training at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation in La Jolla, California. Her knowledge expanded and evolved to include an expertise in colon hydrotherapy, and has resulted in a successful 19 year practice in Santa Barbara.

Her interest in Eastern cultures and healing arts culminated in the study of Ayurvedic modalities in India as well as studying at the Sivananda Institute of Yoga. She is also trained in lymphatic massage and foot reflexology.

Sandra’s philosophy is that each individual is unique. There is no standard formula or single prescription in her recommended protocols. Each client’s program is individually designed according to age, lifestyle, diet and personal goals. Her cleansing and detoxification programs focus on maintaining healthy and clear eliminative channels. Sandra’s years of experience have helped her develop successful and attainable goals for her clients.

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