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Colonic Santa Barbara Jucies

Benefits & medicinal qualities of fruits &’vegetables in my juices


  • Naturally high source of msm(methyl Sulfonyl Methane).
  • Msm helps to maintain strong bones, health joints, is essential in building collagen and a strong skeletal structure.
  • Celery is high in potassium and lowers Uric acid levels & blood pressure.

Collards Greens:

  • Vital,source of chlorophyll
  • High in protein( polypeptides, amino acids)
  • Healing & helpful for adrenal,exhaustion.

Purple Cabbage

  • Is a cruciferous vegetable high in Anthocyanins, a type of flavonoid helpful in fighting cancer.
  • High in sulfur, protecting the body of free radicals and protects the protoplasm of cells.


  • Is a natural anti inflammatory, rich in antioxidants, calcium, glucosinolates(anti cancer).
  • High in protein and helps lower cholesterol.


  • High in Zinc, calcium, vitamin K, C, & B, Omega -3 fatty acids, high in protein.
  • Natural, anti inflammatory and aids with stress & maintaining a healthy skeletal system.


  • Essential,for healthy skin, eyes and is a natural anti inflammatory.
  • Natural diuretic ( prevents water retention) releases toxins.


  • Assists the body in releasing heavy metals including Mercury.., helps digestion, cramping, nausea.


  • High in protein and chlorophyll
  • Facilitates the body’s utilization of oxygen, increases circulation to digestive tract.


  • High in minerals
  • Folic acid, carotene, glutathione( amino acid, helps rebuild other vitamins such as vit C & E)
  • Beet greens, high source of magnesium, beta carotene, vitamin C & E


  • Carrots are known to prevent certain types of cancer & reduce cholesterol
  • Reduces acid reflux, extremely cleansing
  • Carrots are essential to healthy eyes, promotes good blood circulation to,the eyes
  • Carrots are high in vital minerals such as beta carotene, healthy mineralized sugars.


  • Are essential in healthy digestion, High in malic and tartaric acid .
  • Apples are high flavonoids that are essential,for healthy lungs & have shown to lower the risk of cancer in extensive studies.
  • Pectin in apples supplies galacturonic acid to the body, which decreases the body’s need for insulin.


  • Natural antioxidant, essential for increased healing and helps build a strong immune system,
  • assists the body in releasing toxic buildup in the lungs, helps break up mucus and very detoxifying.
  • Helps lymphatic system & mammary glands
  • Helps fight free radicals…


  • Extremely helpful for constipation, bloating , liver congestion.


  • is 92% water which hydrates and is full of important electrolytes, helps with dehydration
  • High in choline which aids our bodies in sleep, muscle movement, learning & memory.
  • High source of lycopene, which helps circulate blood, neutralizing free radicals.
  • High in antioxidants vitamin C & A


  • A profound liquid/food that is identical to blood plasma, contains precursor steroid hormones called pregnenolone essential to assisting the body in the production of progesterone & testosterone.
  • Helps in adrenal fatigue
  • Cytokinins found in coconut water has a significant anti aging effect , carcinogenic & anti thrombotic (anti clot) effects.

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